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How to Start Writing Your First Blog Post

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It is very hard to start writing for the very first time. As a matter of fact, this is my very first post and I planned to write this a year ago, but it didn’t happen. I was always afraid that I will run out, or will have nothing to write about. Don’t worry because this happened to every writer.

How to finally start writing a blog post?

Give yourself time. Even if writing is your passion, words don’t flow freely when you need them. No matter how many times you browse Google, scroll Facebook, save too much on Pinterest, when it is not the time yet, you will never be able to write.

Carry a notebook. Those who love to write knows how much a new notebook with cute cover inspires them. Carry a notebook when taking a walk to the park, or even when you go outside the backyard. Ideas flow abundantly when your brain is relaxed.

Read magazine. Magazines contain a lot of ideas for writing. Pick the magazine which content aligns to your topics. For example, if you’re blog is about home decorating, food, and gardening,  then you could pick Better homes and Gardens magazine. If your blog is about celebrities then you could pick People. 

Observe People. Some people are born creative writers. They can sit at the park, at the parking lot, outside the mall or on their couch and they still come up with topics to write. If you’re one of these people, lucky you! Most people who belong to the analytical group, can start writing even with very little information. Their mind are so full of ideas that they can write about it all day.

Sit outside. If you can’t come up anything to write about, not even a title, stop and get up. Turn off every screen you are looking at including your mobile phone and go outside the house. Listen to the birds. Close your eyes and breath deep. This will give your brain a chance to relax. Study shows that relaxing your mind can help your creative juices to flow.

Be brave enough to accept criticism.

The reason why writers aren’t able to start writing or posting what they wrote is because they are scared that people will criticize your work. They are scared to get bad reactions from those who reads their work. Some people can’t even start the first paragraph of their book because they are scared no one would ever read it.

Impress yourself first then you can start impressing readers.

If you don’t like you have written, then you can’t expect others to like it. Proof read your article. Check for spelling and grammatical errors, and make necessary corrections. Once you’ve done this, make sure your article is easy to read. Headers and bullet points will make your article easier to read and spot important points.

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To summarize how to start writing an article for your blog:

Writing takes a lot of effort to get started. You need inspirations most of the time in order to produce an appealing article. Inspirations strike when it’s less expected. Whenever possible carry an notebook and pen with you to jot down ideas.

Read everything with words in it.

Go for long walks. Your brain works better when it’s relaxed.

Don’t beat yourself up. Haven fun writing!

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