What Traits to Look For When Choosing a Digital Marketer

Traits of a good digital marketer

The world is flooded with digital marketers of different shapes and sizes, which makes choosing one extremely difficult. Digital marketers, like clothing, one size fits all isn’t always possible. Most of the time you return for a full refund. But why? Everything will be discussed below.

What Does Digital Marketer Do?

The answer is obvious to almost everyone and you aren’t coming to this page for the answer to this question, correct? You are here either because you are looking for a digital marketer to market your brand, or you wanted to know if you have what it takes to be a champion digital marketer.

Google is your friend if you want to know the list of things that digital marketer do.

Characteristics of a Successful Digital Marketer

Good Sense of Humor. Everyone could have sense of humor, but not everyone has a good sense of humor. An example of a good sense of humor is Nicky Byrne from Westlife.

Humility. You can be proud of what you’re doing, but humble enough to accept failure, criticism, and success.

Easy. Don’t try too hard. A good digital marketer doesn’t squeeze the lemon too hard. Instead he or she just let it ripe and then squeeze lightly. (I am not sure how I end up with this example.)

Not loud. It’s synonymous to being annoying. Trying too hard to prove something? We always see these types of humans.

Obviously trying too hard. You can see them setting up an office in a corner that looks like a bathroom. Now, it’s not the location of the office that breaks the character, but what they tell you about how successful they are. 7 figures? If you are faking it to make it, at least make it at least believable.

Sans hustling. Some people are fast: Fast learners, fast workers, fast talkers. If you do things fast, check your work. I’ve seen a lot of marketers who are doing everything for themselves, because they think they can do better all by themselves. The bad part is – they don’t check their work. Wrong spelling, forget bad grammar. But spelling? Nah… .

Communication skills. I literally laugh a little bit before writing this sentence. Good communication skills does not have to do about how fluent your speak a given language or how good your grammar is. Although these are a plus, but good communication skills have more to do with how do you handle a bad situation and how you compose a paragraph in your mind that would still make you a likeable person after uttering those paragraphs.

One time this marketer had a minute before her blog post gets published and she noticed that the formatting of the blog was unpleasant to her taste. She was hustling and blood sky rocketing to the ceiling because the post would go public soon.

She was all tactless and mean. Little to her knowledge that no one would check her site the minute the post goes live. Heck maybe not for a year two!

Lesson for you: Don’t be mean and think that it’s the end of the world because someone will see your post headers in H2 instead of H1.

Passion for the job: If you are going to do this for the money (alone), then stop and go find something else to do. Because as a digital marketer you will need …

Patience. For yourself, for people working for you, and the clients that aren’t coming in all the time. It takes time for people to trust you, rely on your expertise, and marry you. Having someone commit their business with you takes a lot of wooing.

Analytical. Work with someone who got the brain that works. They know the best practices to make your brand successful and now just for a show. They say they can get you millions of followers in no time? Realize that followers should not be bought. People will follow if they find you interesting or useful.

Choose authenticity and quality over quantity.


To become a good digital marketer, or to choose one for your business does not take a lot of effort if you know what are the good qualities of a digital marketer.

A good digital marketer doesn’t have to be someone who knows everything, as long they have passion to learn, adapt, can work independently and also with a team. Don’t forget caring attitude, because working as a digital marketer means caring for others success.

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