blogging makes you happy and inspired

How Having Your Own Blog Makes You Happy and Inspired?

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Being happy and inspired is everyone’s daily goal. Study shows that having an inspiration makes you happy and if you are happy you tend to do things that keeps you inspired. So this is a never-ending cycle.

People who are in a state of happiness do things that they enjoy. And people who are doing the things they enjoy are happier than those whose jobs are not in-line with their passion.

How blogging makes you happy?

The term blogging means “write about (an event, situation, topic, etc.) in a “blog. It has to do with writing. You cannot separate writing from blogging. Study shows that writing makes you calm and being in a moment.

Writing an event or stories that inspire you can take your imagination away from past experiences that result in anxiety or anger.

By writing a blog about things that makes you happy, you will encounter a moment when you need to do research. Researching will lead you to other bloggers who are in the same “Happy” categories.

When you read other happy people’s blogs, your happiness increases. This is because positive vibrations attract more positive vibrations and energies.

Happy thoughts will result to more happy thoughts.

Writing about past experiences that lead you to a successful life and happy state of mind, can inspire others and make them happy too. Happiness when shared will not decrease the happiness you already have. It will multiply.

What to write about on your blog

There is no rule as to what to write. There are more advantages when you write on your own blog than when you write for other people’s blog. When you have your own blog you are free to do and write anything that you see fit.

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You can choose from the following topics to write about:

  • Gardening
  • Arts
  • Quotes
  • Horoscope
  • Home decorating
  • Pets
  • Fitness
  • Money & Investing
  • Self-improvement
  • and more.

Writing does not need to around the same topics all the time. You can sway, go in a straight line, or in circles. The most important thing is you are consistent with your writing and enjoying the task.

How to prepare yourself before writing an a blog post

Before you publish your blog post online, there are few things you need to consider.

  • Make sure not to post any personal information and experiences that you don’t intend to share with the world.
  • Don’t get discouraged if your blogpost does not get any share or likes.
  • Read it thoroughly and make sure it is the kind of post that you will read when you find it online.
  • Make necessary spelling and grammar corrections.

How to pick images for your blog?

Choose images for your blog post is the most inspiring and exciting thing about having your own blog. There are many sites online that offer free images like Unsplash, Pixaby, Pixel, and more.

The image you choose reflects the type of personality. It may also relate to current blog post where you use the image.

There is no limit on what type of images to pick as long as you love them, and family-friendly. Even if you don’t specifically write it for kids, kids could be browsing from their parent’s device and see the images you are using.

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Beware of using copyrighted images. Make sure you follow the image source licensing and attribution policy.

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