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spot the best work from home employers

How to Spot the Best Work-From-Home Employers

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Best work from home employers … ah do they still exist? Yes if you look carefully and don’t stop until you find them. But it could be impossible to know if they are the best work from home employers before you start working for them.

Disappointed? You are not alone.

Good employers have a working system in place

Yes, you want to get hired and earn to pay your bills, go on vacations and retire. But you don’t want to sacrifice your living years working for someone you will terribly dislike every day.

Don’t settle for less and know your worth.

During the interview process observe how everything goes. Did the interview link work? It’s a small detail, but an employer who has a working system put into place will have a working interview link.

If the Join Interview link didn’t work and you informed them but got no response, that is a big red flag.

Remember, everyone is a customer. Customers are internal and external. Employees are internal customers. As an internal customer, you deserve to be happy and satisfied with what you do every day. Good employers virtual or face to face understand that internal customers need to be happy with their job or they won’t be able to provide good service to the external customers.

Communication is vital especially with working from home employers

If they can’t communicate with you within a reasonable amount of time, then they probably don’t need you. You know how it feels when you’re not valued. Consider it a blessing in disguise.

Communication includes being able come up with a resolution.

For example, You need access to their system to perform your job, and they don’t provide you this during the onboarding process. You can understand them if you are the very first-hire they have. But you know that it is not the case!


But wait. No employers are perfect. Give them a second chance, just like when you started your job and made mistake (and weren’t fired) because you are not familiar with their working style.

Communication includes being able to promptly respond, and this is not only for employers. It includes you. So, if they say “Hi, Welcome to the team”, don’t just react with an emoticon.

They have a good sense of you more

Are you able to talk about how’s your day, or able to share that funny Geico commercial that you shared on Facebook, that no one laughs at because they didn’t get the joke?

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Working from home isn’t all working (should be). Just like when you used to work outside the home, your co-workers celebrated your birthday with you with a table full of desserts. Working from home could include sharing how many succulents you planted in the last 2 months.

The worst work from home employer you wish you never met

No communication. They don’t respond to questions or clarifications. The worst is they don’t like talking to you. I’m sorry if this hurts your feelings. But this is common and most of us encountered this type of people.

They are perfect. They act very defensively, and when you clarify something you don’t understand they consider it as a criticism. What a life they live!

Too much system in place. You probably have not encountered this kind of employer. They spend most of their time writing and perfecting their procedures, that they don’t have enough time reviewing social media copy, especially the spelling.

A mess. Don’t judge the book by its library? If you have a zoom meeting with them, observe their surroundings. Does it look like an inside of the bathroom? Yes, some bathrooms are bigger than my bedroom. I should have remembered that before writing this. But a mess is a mess no matter where it is. A messy room equals messy life.

Have no time. You may not see them personally but you can sense that they always work and have no time for themselves and their home. That’s why they don’t have time for humor, communication, and that is for them a perfect life.

To Summarize:

We have work-from-home employers that we love, that no matter what they do, no matter how hard their life is that they have a hard time paying us, we are still very loyal to them. I know I do.

It’s not all about the money.

I heard this a lot from a co-worker of the same employer and I agree! Working isn’t all about money when you love what you are doing.

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