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If You Have A Choice: Where Would You Be?

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Where would you rather be if you have a choice?

Would you stay in the:

  • countryside
  • city
  • beach
  • away from the crowd
  • or would you rather be away from family

There are a lot of pros and cons with each place. There is no perfect place to live in this world. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Would you rather be in the countryside?

Is life in the countryside easy? You might say yes if you noticed how simple life in the country. Raising chickens, pigs, and cows. Chasing rosters, collecting eggs. What could be more peaceful and beautiful than that?

But living in the country isn’t all bugs and roses. People leave the country for a bigger dream. Yes, there are bigger dreams than the dream of living in the countryside, mountains, or province.

People give up their countryside life due to not having access to higher, broader education, jobs, health facilities, and the most ironic reason – peace of mind.

There must be more than this provincial life!

Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Living in the mountains, although there is too much freedom especially when it comes to what to do with your time, isn’t all that peaceful and prosperous.

Until about the late 80’s people would barter their animals with pots and pans, and other household goods. Aside from not having money to pay for anything like kitchenware and clothes, mountain people engaged in chaos.

Cons: There are more cases of domestic abuse in the mountains compared to the city. Why? People are not busy. Husbands join their friends for drinks. At bedtime, they’re already drunk, and when they get home the table pots and pans are already empty and clean. And they’re hungry. Then the violence starts. Or maybe not.

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Pros: Husbands and wives living in the country have more time for each other. Hence, the family is big.

When the kids get older they either leave or stay and be like their parents. And then the cycle repeats.

The kids who choose the city life

If you are one of these kids, would you rather choose the city?

There are many reasons why people leave for the city. The lack of many things is one of them. In some parts of the world, there are places that even though accessible, deliveries of goods are not available or limited.

If there are cons of living in the countryside, the city has its share of frown-ourmous characteristics, although, there are more nice things you can find and say about the city life.

Cons: But if you moved to the city, you have to rent or buy a house. And that isn’t cheap. Unless your job is secured enough (which is very rare) that you would able to pay off a house and lot, living in the city isn’t a good idea. In some parts of the world, monthly income isn’t even enough to pay for a mortgage of the most basic house you can find.

Pros: But it doesn’t end there. Kids who moved to the city learned to equip themselves to get to the higher ground. Getting higher education, skills, and job experience are a few of them. But sometimes even with enough skills and education, life is still hard in the city.

Job scarcity is one main reason why people move to the city. For some, the city couldn’t provide them enough income to live comfortably. That is why a lot of people move to different parts of the world.

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The dad who doesn’t see his kids growing up

Where would you rather be dad? Family or money? There is no right or wrong answer here. Parents who want a better future for their family, leave.

Is it better after all?

Let’s not generalize. Some kids end up being successful even with just one parent raising them. But this isn’t the case for everyone. Other kids don’t see the sacrifice here.

It boils down to “Is it worth leaving for?

Pros: But with all the technology available, parents can now talk to their kids every day even when they living in two different countries.

Most countries like the USA, Canada, Middle East, and the UK have higher money exchange rates compared to the money in the Philippines, Mexico, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Hence, you will see a lot of people who want to move to the USA than Norway or Sweden.

To summarize, where would you rather be:

Living anywhere in the world has its pros and cons. It could be the weather, the people, your neighbors, and the lack of it.

So, where would you rather be?

No matter where you choose to be, make sure that it is where you want to be. And that you are with those whom you want to be with.

You are lucky if you can choose anywhere in the world to live. Be it at the beach or the countryside. You are lucky if you could just pack your backpack, and know that it is all you need.

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But most of all, you are lucky to be here…wherever you are.

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