Should you have someone post your blog

Should You Let Someone Post Your Blog?

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If you don’t have the time to post or schedule your blog post on your website, you should have someone post or schedule it for you. There are pros and cons whichever option you are going to choose.

The Pros of Having Someone Post Your Blog For You

  • More free time. Having someone migrate or post the blog you’ve written to your website creates more free time that you could use for more productive business activity like calling your customers, responding to emails, writing, or relaxing in your backyard or vacation spot.
  • Relieves your perfectionism. When you work on your own website, you can’t avoid to think of having everything perfect. It would be hard for you to decide which side to place your inline images, and whether to use H3 or H1. Even if everything looks good, you still don’t approve of what you have accomplished. Having someone posting for your site helps you have another set of eyes.
  • Accountability management. Have someone hold you accountable. There are times, or most of the time you feel like you don’t need to write for this week, this month, or for the whole year especially when nobody knows it. Having someone wait for your written pieces makes you feel obligated to write, and that is for your own good and success. This is especially true when you set a schedule to post once a week. You can’t say “nah later”. Can you?
  • Push yourself to write better. You’re a writer, a blogger, digital marketer who can’t write. Sounds familiar? No way! You will write better and better each day because someone who knows you, who is working for you is reading (maybe) what you have written. Lastly, if your business is to provide digital service like writing and marketing, you are expected to be a good at writing.

The Cons of Having Someone Publish or Schedule Your Blog Post

  • Another expense. Having someone else publish your blog post means you need to hire and pay a freelancer if you don’t already have a regular employee whom you can delegate the task at no extra charge.
  • May not be your style. Formatting a blog post comes in many forms. When someone post your blog, the result may not be what you are expecting and then end up reformatting it yourself.
  • Peace of mind is out of order. If you are one of those people who aren’t talented at delegating works to others because you don’t trust them, then having someone do the job for you will impair your peace of mind. You may feel that you are paying someone to do the job so that you have a job which is to check their work.
  • Learn to unlearn. Posting a blog post is like creating another page on your website. If you’re not opening your dashboard for about a year, you may forget how to even login to your website. If this simple task can be unlearned, then how much more the more complicated task like creating and formatting a blog post?

How Do You Decide Whether to Hire a Freelancer, or DIY is Best for You?

Deciding isn’t supposed to be something really hard to do. Getting confused on what you really want to do creates anxiety and frustration that could lead to being uninterested on what you mostly enjoy. Check the pros and cons above and see if you have more pros than cons, and then start from there.

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There is no right or wrong here. You can try both and then pick that which makes you feel more comfortable and have more peace of mind.

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