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3 Problems of Hiring Freelancers You Never Know Existed

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Employers opt on hiring freelancers all the time despite the common problems that it presents. The apparent advantages of hiring freelancers sometimes outweigh the problems. That’s why many employers prefer to hire freelancers.

Common issues when hiring freelancers

  • Freelancers work flexible hours. When someone works as a freelancer, their working schedule is very flexible. They can work anywhere they want when they want. Time flexibility means you have to wait until a timeframe has passed before expecting a task to get done. This is usually between 12 to 48 hours.
  • Most freelancers work from their home office. Freelancers use their own equipment and office space. Sometimes they work at a coffee shop. Employers don’t get to see how secure the working space is. There is always a question of whether sensitive information and files are kept safe. Some even work using public computers that use wifi.
  • Someone else is working. Employers cannot see who really is doing the work. Some freelancers delegate their tasks to other freelancers. This is called sub-contracting. During the interview, employers are confident that the person they are hiring is the person who is completing the job. But this is not always the case.

Because of the above problems, some employers hire someone permanent who works at the company’s location instead of hiring freelancers. It boils down to whether the employer trusts someone to work for them without knowing or seeing them personally. Employers could miss a lot of saving and talent opportunities that they can only get by hiring freelancers.

Benefits of hiring freelancers

  • Not paying for employee benefits. A company can save a lot of money when hiring freelancers. This money can be invested back in the business instead. The cost of employee benefits like health insurance, unemployment insurance, sick leave, personal days, social security, and so on. Freelancing is considered self-employment, and freelancers pay for their own benefits and social security tax.
  • Less overhead and utility expense. Because freelancers use their own home office and equipment, companies can save from these expenses. Unlike working-from-home employees who are eligible for reimbursements, freelancers don’t get this advantage. Freelancing expenses are considered business expenses that are tax-deductible during tax filing time. Renting an office space is not necessary if you workers are working from their own home office. Additionally, no need to rent an office space that comes with all the light and water bills, and other expenses.
  • Supervisory roles not necessary. Owning a bigger company means more employees and more than one department. This is the time when you need someone to supervise each department especially when there are at least 10 employees. When you hire freelancers to work for you, you don’t need that many supervisors. Maybe just one manager to monitor work done for all the freelancers is enough. That is a lot of savings for your company.
  • Access to more talented people. Hiring only someone who lives close to your business is a thing in the past. Access to many talented workers is possible when you consider hiring freelancers for your business. All they need is a computer and an internet connection. These people can work for you even if they are located on the other side of the world.

To Summarize:

Whether you decide to hire freelancers or regular employees, weigh the benefits of each avenue. There is no right or wrong decision. Depending on business needs and the type of tasks at hand, hiring freelancers could save you money.

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But if saving money would mean you won’t have peace of mind because the task involves sharing sensitive information with someone you have not met in person, then hiring a regular employee could the trick. Don’t forget that you can also check the background of any person you want to hire. Remember to choose what you think is best for you. Just because your friend is hiring a freelancer does not mean that you have to.

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