activities that enhance creative writing

Top 20 Activities That Enhance Creative Writing and Increase Happiness

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  1. Traveling
  2. Meditation
  3. Yoga
  4. Gardening
  5. Sitting by the riverbank
  6. Sitting on the toilet bowl
  7. Social media posting / commenting
  8. Star Writing a diary
  9. Jot down ideas when they come
  10. Take a nap
  11. Reading
  12. Go for a walk
  13. See other people
  14. Watch your favorite Netflix series
  15. Start a scrapbook
  16. Take Vitamin Sunshine
  17. Spend time in nature
  18. Learn a new craft
  19. Laugh at yourself
  20. Take a break from overthinking


Traveling brings you to different places and faces. Whether you are writing a blog or novel, traveling helps you bring ideas into reality. Whenever you travel make notes of what people say, what they buy, or how they strike a conversation, if they do.

Traveling stirs the blood and lifts the spirit. It takes you to a different place you never thought existed. Traveling can increase happiness and is the best medicine for depression. Staying at home is good, but you also need to leave the home occasionally.


When you meditate, your brain switches into its relaxing mode. When you are relaxed, it is easier for your brain to process pieces of information that are gathered through reading and listening. Have you noticed when you start meditating your mind starts to wander, and thoughts of ideas, scenes, and writing are flowing? Try it if you haven’t experienced this yet.

Meditation relaxes your muscles and frees your mind of those not very good thoughts, especially thoughts about how your day is going. Deep breathing relieves anxiety and less anxiety to none is happiness found within.


Yoga helps to relax not only your mind but also your muscles. When you’re constantly sitting thinking of ideas, your shoulder muscles tightened and pained. Body pains come from troubled minds. Your brain is also a muscle that needs stretching. Yoga helps your brain produce chemicals that lower your stress and anxiety. When you are anxious, producing any type of article is going to be so hard.

Just like meditation, except with yoga, you are using your muscles and body. You are moving and working.


When we go outside and tend our garden, we thought that we are nurturing it. But the truth is – our garden nurtures us.

When you practice nurturing yourself, body, mind, and spirit — producing a piece of writing that also nurtures your readers is not impossible. When you take in good energy, the same type of energy goes out of you. So get out and take a piece of your garden to nurture you.

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Sitting by the Riverbank

Oh, that sound that soothes your soul, can only be found by the riverbank.

Sitting by the riverbank is for me the number one enhancers of creative writing. Can you imagine it? The water that you don’t try to touch won’t be there the next time around. Once it flows it’s never coming back … again.

Sitting on the Toilet Bowl

Does this even work? Yes it does! Just try and sit there and let me know if it works for you.

Social Media Posting / Commenting

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, where you can respond to other people. Don’t forget Youtube and Instagram. When you see an interesting post, say something. Say something nice and honest. Social media platforms are the biggest stimuli to enhance creative writing. Why? Because you don’t force yourself, but you’re just doing it without knowing you are doing it.

That’s why there is a rule that says “think before you click” because it will happen too fast that you probably have to delete or reduce the length of your comment or post because you over-said things.

Start Writing a Diary

Dear diary:

Oh, I did something so embarrassing that I probably will do in the future … again.

If you are writing a diary, you are writing to someone who will never judge you, the way you write, and the thoughts that you make. The more you write in a diary, the more courageous you become. And the more you want to write in public because you know this time you are better than you were yesterday.

Jot Down Ideas as They Come

The more ideas you write,the more pieces of writing you can produce.

There are times when you ran out of ideas to write about. But when you have a list of ideas, you can automatically create sub-ideas and expand them. You are not only being creative in writing but also being creative on how you are going to be able to write!

Take A Nap

Naps do not only lengthen your life but also enhances your memory and creativity. When you need to write creatively, your brain needs the energy to form interesting words and stories.

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Not just any reading. You need to read something that makes you learn and get valuable knowledge or information.

There was once a kid whose mother told her to read a book. The kid said I read already on my phone. Yeah. She did read other kid’s messages on Roblox. There is very little to learn from here.

Go For a Walk

Walking helps you come up with ideas on what to write next. When you walk your mind works on its own. It does not need to tell you to stop here, and the next. In fact, only your feet are working to help you go farther ( with the help of your eyes of course).

When I walk, I think about what color should my website’s header be while looking at the horizon.

See Other People

Some writers can be very introverted. Which means they dislike the thought of meeting other people. What am I talking about meeting seeing other people? Notice that I didn’t actually use the word “meet”. Seeing other people just means seeing them, whether close or far away.

While sipping your cup of coffee at the nearby coffee shop you spotted a lady walking down the street. Her dress is stiff, like an ironed-starched-curtain. Just by looking at that lady, you could produce a piece titled “The Beautiful Window Walking Down the Street”.

This could actually be meeting and talking to other people. There is no limit on how this is being done. The idea is to listen, observe, record. You could write about how you agree or disagree with what you heard and see. It is even possible to write a whole novel just by seeing or meeting other people.

Watch Your Favorite Netflix Series

Do you like AnnE with an E or The Crown? The Riverdale maybe? These are just examples of shows that you can watch to enhance your creative writing skills. There are a lot of shows that are relatable, a character whom you could fit yourself into.

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Nostalgia! Not many writers writes about something that didn’t yet occur.

Start a Scrapbook

From a tiny space to a bigger space, you can insert a caption. It’s like writing a book not intended for publication. It is personal. Family travels, and milestones can create a story. Write that story.

Take Vitamin Sunshine

There is no other light as beautiful and as natural as the sun. Sunshine changes how you’re feeling. It is the closest way to nature.

Wonder why poems sound sad? Most poets wrote their poems while secluding themselves, away and hidden. Some poets are blind.

So what if you wanted to write a melancholy novel? You can write in a secluded area, but sunshine gives you life and inspiration to be able to think about writing and to go on.

Spend Time in Nature

Nature is the best medicine, a great healer, and can free you emotionally from baggage and negative energy. Spend your mornings or afternoon walking along with the trees, or by just looking up the sky.

The sky’s the quickest way to nature.

Learn a New Craft

What can you do to free your mind from the stressors of the day? Do something you love. When you do something you love you are happy, and when you are happy you will do something you love. It’s a cycle. That’s why people say they are themselves again and are starting to do things they used to do.

Laugh at yourself

Have you done something embarrassing maybe 20 years ago and still feeling embarrassed about it? You are not alone. Don’t punish yourself by beating yourself up for what you’d done. Everybody must have forgotten about it except you. So just laugh about it, and consider it the funniest memory you’ve ever had.

Take a Break From Overthinking

Overthinking is a vicious cycle. An average person has more than 62,000 thoughts within 24 hours. Most of these thoughts are a chain of negative thoughts about things not done, things that are not done well, mistakes, words unspoken, wishy-washy, jealousy, envy, grudges, and more. Do you have something to add to the list?

Overthinking steals your happiness, and makes your day miserable. A miserable day leads to nothing done.

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