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children learn to write in the classroom

Why Children Should Start Learning to Write at an Early Age

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Teaching children to write at an early age is always a good idea. Even if children choose not to write later in life, being able to write is a must. Writing is inevitable no matter what profession someone is going to choose. When applying for a job writing resume and cover letter are two important tasks that need not be forgotten in order to get an interview with a prospective employer.

How to encourage children to write

Encourage children to write by starting with simple stories. They can start writing letters to their parents or best friends. Watching their favorite movie and then have them write a summary of the most important part of the movie is a very powerful writing exercise.

When they’re done with one exercise, proceed to a longer one like reading and summarizing their favorite novel. A simple little reward for a job well done like a pizza party is something that kids look forward to.

Children love little animals like puppies or kittens. They can either write about their pet or write about a pet they love to have if they currently don’t own a pet. Encourage them to describe their favorite animal, and what they do while spending time with them.

What to avoid when teaching children to write

When teaching children to write, avoid criticizing or comparing their work with someone else’s. Give them praise for trying their best to instill confidence and to encourage them to do it again.

Try to avoid having them write on repetitive topics. Varying the topics can make writing exciting for children. After an activity like school field trips, writing about their experience and their new discoveries is a fun writing exercise.

Don’t pressure kids when they can’t find the words to write. Mental block-out can happen to anyone even with very skilled writers. Playing outside can ease mental blocks. Bring them to an open field and have them observe the surroundings including the sky. Meditation can be helpful too when it comes to children finding things to write.

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