Your time is priceless to waste. How to live as if it is your last?

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Photo by: Lukas Beer of Unsplash

Time is valuable and must be spent on activities that foster a positive experience that contributes to physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Take note of the following activities and see how you can improve your daily routine to avoid wasting time.

Ways to not waste your time and use it positively instead

1. Plant a garden.

Vegetables, roses, or trees? There is no limit and rule. And it’s good for the soul.

2. Find things you might love.

Online, in-stores, yard sales? So many options to choose from! Your favorite brand might have clearance sales you don’t want to miss.

3. Change how you look, if you prefer.

Got grey hair, or just want a change of hair color? Make it fun and enjoyable.

4. Do some exercises.

Start walking each day around the block close to where you live for 5 minutes each time. Increase the duration by 2 minutes each day.

5. Learn a new recipe.

Find a recipe in old magazines, or online. Gather the needed ingredients, and start. No need to be perfect. Just experiment with it and your taste.

6. Make someone smile.

Make greeting cards and send them to random people you care about. Your children’s teacher would love to receive them. Do it with your kids for a more fun time together.

7. Write in your journal.

Write one of your favorite quotes in a notebook. One quote a day makes 365 quotes in a year! Be really present while doing it. You can use your fancy handwriting if that’s what makes your heart content.

8. Save a dollar a day.

Are the simple little things forgotten? Saving a dollar is so simple everyone forgets that a million-dollar journey starts at one. And what if you save not just a dollar a day, but 10? How about doing it for a newborn baby? By the time the baby turns 20 years old, you could’ve saved $73,000 just by saving 10 a day.

9. Think of more ways to save money.

Saving money leads to financial freedom, doesn’t it? Saving minimizes the clutter in your home by not adding any more things that will end up sitting on the corner or in the closet.

10. Get a side hustle.

Volunteering, freelancing, or selling food on Facebook? Helping others, doing something for yourself that makes you in-tune with yourself contributes to good emotional well-being and contentment. Make sure you do it sincerely though and not because you are feeling obligated.

Activities that takes your time away from yourself and things you love to do

1. Reading and celebrity gossips.

Celebrity gossips whether it’s on TV or online eats up your time without you knowing it. Some people spend half of their day watching TV shows that bash celebrities and political personalities. It’s a good thing if you learned something from them.

2. Spending too much time on social media.

Social media is a good tool when used properly. With social media, you can be updated with what happened to your friends and family without you asking them. And even be updated with current events and could be a valuable source of educational information. But spending the whole weekend on social media, arguing with other commentators and posters isn’t very healthy. Moderation is key. You don’t have to get rid of social media accounts totally, but you can set a time when to turn off notifications or set your phone on silent.

3. Talking all day on messenger.

Chatting is the other term. It is okay to talk with friends and family to catch up. But when the topic turns sour or becomes talking ill about other people’s business, it could lead to an unhealthy addiction which could turn into guilt and regrets.

4. Comparing how you look with others.

You are born unique. No one looks exactly the same as others, even twins. Besides, it does not always end well. Love that skin or that nose you are born with. There are a lot of people with disabilities and illness that dreamed and would be happy just to live a normal life.

5. Watching the news first thing.

Morning hours are better spent on meditation and exercise. When you start your day doing things that contribute to positive feelings, this feeling could last throughout the day!

6. Worrying about the past.

You learn from it and move on. Don’t dwell in the past, especially if it’s something of no use to your present or future.

7. Convincing people how happy you are.

We all have our own low moments and that is okay. Posting encouragements on social media instead of posting how happy you are with your newly bought things.

8. Watching too much TV.

Study shows that people who spend too much time watching television are more prone to being obese than who spend their time doing house chores or outdoors. Aside from this, television shows are being digested emotionally and mentally without you noticing it.

9. Not loving what you do is a waste of time

The secret to a happy life is loving your job. You spend most of your adult years working and if you are miserable with your job, you will be miserable every day of your life. Instead of complaining, think of the poor and homeless people who would love to have the kind of life you have now.

10. Trying to fit in the company of the wrong people.

Having friends and being social is necessary for humans to live and thrive. But choose your friends wisely, and always listen to intuition.

It is only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth, and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.

– Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

The remedy:

Having is productive day means having done the things you love to do instead of just those things that you are told and paid to do. Make a list of the things you wanted to accomplish and get done, and stay focus. Don’t let distractions get into your schedule and waste your time.

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