zen traveling - meditation places to go

Zen Traveling: Meditation Places To Go

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What is a meditation for?

If you love meditation and having special places for your mind to wander is a beautiful thing. It is possible to travel to your favorite destination without having to go there physically.

Who needs meditation?

If you are someone who suffers anxiety, depression, pains, and insomnia, you could possibly get benefits from meditation. Meditation is the easiest most convenient way to relax and it can be done anywhere.

Places to think of during meditation

Waterfalls. One of the most beautiful places to go during meditation is the waterfall. Think about your favorite waterfall and imagine yourself looking at it from far away if you are not a fan of going under the waterfall to enjoy the cold water.

A good example of a beautiful waterfall is the Kawasan Falls in the Philippines. Kawasan Falls comes with 3 different waterfalls, of different sizes in the same location. If you can’t be physically at Kawasan Falls, you can just look for a photograph and imagine yourself being there. It works for a lot of people.

Rose Garden. Whether it’s planting, or looking at the beautiful roses in the garden, a rose garden is a perfect place to wander your mind during meditation. Imagine yourself being a small hummingbird or a thirsty bee, flying around the different colored roses in the garden.

Pink, yellow, and peach rose petals, anyone? Who does not love the beauty of a rose in a garden? Take a deep breath and imagine yourself sitting in the middle of a big rose garden, where birds and butterflies flying around. There is nothing more peaceful than being in a garden full of roses.

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The Woods. Do you love listening to the birds chirping, like they are talking to each other? How relaxing it is to walk in the woods, where tall trees are covering the heat of the sun from touching your skin.

How about feeding a squirrel? The joy of being with animals like they are part of who we are. There is nothing to be scared of here. Imagine you are surrounded by friendly raccoons and squirrels, rabbits and deers. There is no limit to the imagination.

The Ocean. Dolphins waving at you, swimming with turtles, or just sitting by the shore listening to the waves, the ocean is a perfect place to wander your mind while meditating.


Now that you know the different places to go to calm your mind without being there physically, you can pick your favorite place and go there. You don’t need a ticket or reservation.

Meditation relieves pain from stress and anxiety, unwinds tangled nerves and it’s free to do anytime, anywhere. So when traveling is not possible, meditate to your favorite place of destination and enjoy peace of mind.

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