woman wearing glass working from home using mobile phone

How To Avoid Stress Working From Home

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  1. Take deep breaths.
  2. Adjust room temperature.
  3. Avoid noise that you can not tolerate.
  4. Clean out clutter.
  5. Have enough lighting.
  6. Use a comfortable chair.
  7. Don’t forget personal hygiene.
  8. Prepare meals in advance.
  9. Have a to-do list.
  10. Switch tasks.
  11. Exercise
  12. Take breaks.

Take Deep Breaths

Working from home can make you forget about other things especially when you are too focus. Home offices equipped with devices used to make your work easier like mobile phones, headphones, desktop — can make you feel like you are not working at all. As a result, you get used to staring at the screen with your back hunching. Taking deep breaths can make your body feel energized and prevent stiff neck and shoulder pains.

Adjust Room Temperature

Are the back of your neck and armpits itchy? It could be your room temperature too hot. When you are working from home, you might want to save on electricity and settle on “that’s fine room temperature“. This could lead to stress from work-thinking and hot temperature combo. Remember, you don’t only work just to make money, but also to make your life comfortable.

Avoid Noise You Cannot Tolerate

Noise, while you are working, can be the #1 cause of stress. Working from home parents could also be running a daycare for their own kids. Designate a room for work away from noise and destructions. If you are someone who likes to watch TV while working, this could lead to stress due to noise and too much destruction. There is nothing more stressful than unfinished tasks. Turn off the TV and set aside television on time when you’re off the clock.
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Clean Out Clutter

There is nothing more stressful than a table full of mails, scrapbook paper, meditation books, and magnifying glass! If you are working from home on your kitchen counter, you could be suffering from “wash it later dishes”.  Make time to wash the dishes and or use the dishwasher if you intend to wash them later.

Have Enough Lighting

Poor lighting is the main cause of headaches and blurred vision. Your light could be too bright or too dark. Invest in lights that would give you enough lights. Everyone’s eyes are different. You could also use natural light from the outside if you are working during the day. Curtains and blinds can be used to adjust the number of lights in the room.

Use Comfortable Chair

Some call this ergonomic chair. Comfortable depends on your size and height. If you prefer using the couch while working and don’t suffer from back pains, then you can totally do that! Beware though that too much sitting on the couch could make you sit in a bad posture — hunching, too much neck bending could cause muscle pains. Don’t Forget Personal Hygiene While Working From Home It’s easy to disregard personal hygiene when you aren’t going out to work. From not taking a shower to skip brushing your teeth, and working in your pajamas, the list can go on and on. Are you maybe asking how does this make someone stress? You may not notice it, but if you take time to freshen yourself up even when you are not going anywhere on a given day, you’re feeling better than when you just get up and jump to your workstation. Also, don’t forget the short and long-term effects of not taking care of yourself.
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Prepare Meals in Advance

Lunch and dinner in advance? Yes! Even the next day meals if you can. Things like skipping meals because you woke up late are not uncommon to working at home folks. This leads to snacking on junk foods while working, skipping breakfast, and ordering food from outside. French fries, pizza, a quick drive to the gas station for slushies … the list of junk foods that you could munch are endless if you are going to work with an empty stomach. What you see is what you get. If you see healthy foods on the counter then you eat healthy food.

Have A Working From Home To-Do List

What if I know already the things I need to do everyday and I do it the next day again?
Do you know that a single task has always many subtasks and each subtask has a list of many things to do? It is hard to notice this until you start working. Don’t forget to fold the laundry, arranging the pantry, and making the bed. This is now part of your working from the home to-do list.

Switch Tasks

Doing one thing over and over can get you bored and lost interest in what you do. Consider switching tasks. Do in the morning what you usually do after lunch. Don’t forget though that you also need to consider the urgency of the tasks you have that day. Consider doing the urgent tasks first and then you decide which one you do first of those non-urgent ones.
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Don’t Forget to Add Exercise to Your To-Do List

Exercise is a famous stress reliever. Sitting for a very long time while at home working on your desk can make your muscle stiff and shrink. A leg and arm stretch by the wall or doorway always helps. Add 10-minute yoga to your to-do list is also a good idea. Look to your right, inhale while counting 1- 6, look forward and exhale while counting 1-6. Repeat 12 times. Do the opposite side.

Take Breaks From Working

Is this your favorite part? Taking breaks every 30 minutes is essential to anybody working from home, or even outside the home. By doing so, you are giving your brain downtime to recover and think about something else. Those who take more breaks are more productive than those to continuously stare at the screen. Avoid taking breaks just to check your Facebook or Instagram. Neck-stretching, leg-bending, going out for fresh air are just a few examples of activities you can do while taking a break.


To summarize everything that you should know about how to avoid stress working from home — enjoy the freedom without being unproductive. Working from home is very liberating, and if you do good, being productive, you could actually work from home for the rest of your working life. Remember that you are not reimbursed by your employer for utilities used and you might even are using your own office equipment, which saves a great big deal of money for your employer considering you are not the only employee who is working from home. To those who wanted to work from home, these companies are offering remote jobs during Covid-19 and maybe for the long term.
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woman wearing glass working from home using mobile phone

How To Avoid Stress Working From Home

Take deep breaths. Adjust room temperature. Avoid noise that you can not tolerate. Clean out clutter. Have enough lighting. Use a comfortable chair. Don’t forget

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